Many people dread when you mention that they need to write a dissertation paper or an essay. They feel that it is a long and tiring work that is so boring. But basically this is not the case and it is all on their minds. If you keenly look at these two you will find that it is not such a daunting task especially because we have done it all our life at school if we managed to go to school.

But I believe if you are reading this essay then you must have gone to school and therefore you should be having some form of education. Coming to think of it we have been prepared to write essays and dissertations since the first day that we were taught how to write. Many people from the age of fourteen have been writing essays therefore with some good practice and training then the issue should not be how to write but to research. Perhaps the most daunting tasks that one can experience when it comes to writing should be the research part which takes up a lot of time and energy. It will also require a lot of reading which most people are afraid of.

Essays come in two formats: the first one is the type of essay where the student is given some finite time for them to finish the project. Most of the times this is given as an assignment at the beginning of the semester and you are supposed to submit the results at the end of the semester or at some specified time. The second form is the one that is delivered as an exam format. Here the student is supposed to come into an exam room and sit down to do it just like the normal exams that are supposed to last between two to three hours.

In this setting then it means that the student does not have all the time they need to research on the material. The student is not also allowed to have any form of material to refer to and they are supposed to rely purely on their own brain knowledge of the topic. This will be mostly from what the student has learnt over the semester and they will be just testing a students’ knowledge over the particular topics. The examiner will also keep the fact that there is no much time for you to research hence they might not pose such a hard question and they might be a bit lenient when marking.  It is critical that research paper writing services firms are contacted if you run into trouble.

But for the other piece of paper much will be expected because you are given ample time for you to do your research and come up with the proper conclusions. You will also be expected to deliver quite a large volume depending on the type of question that has been posed and also the topic that has been raised.

One of the biggest mistakes that many students will do is the fact that they do not take their time to really sit back and think on what has been asked or the topic that they are required to discuss about. That is why many of them fail on the essay and dissertation writing and if they do not fail they end up getting quite some low marks. Every examiner will be looking for something when they present the essay and dissertation and if you do not get what they want to get then you will be on the wrong path.

Many students tend to write everything they know about a particular topic perhaps to try and impress the examiner on how much knowledgeable they are on the subject but this should not be the approach taken. Sometimes in essay writing and less is better than much and if you try to write everything you know you might fail to catch the examiners eye. So it is imperative for someone to take their time to thoroughly understand what the examiner is after and the answer that he needs. The examiner will also be looking for the way the student will argue their case apart from answering the question only.