If you are traveling to Ecuador in search of art and culture, you will definitely find it here. The country is incredibly rich in history and you can explore museums and cities all over the country to discover your own favorite spots.

There are quite a few museums in Ecuador and one of the most popular is the Colonial Art Museum. It is located in Quito and is located in a home that was built in the 16th century. This museum has been running since 1938 and holds many private collections of art. There have been many paintings and sculptures that have been donated and the museum is constantly featuring new collections. This is a great place to go if you love Colonial pieces.

If you are more of a shopper, you cannot miss the Otavalo Market. The market is located in the city of Otavalo. This is a town with about 90,000 inhabitants and it is a very indigenous town. There are about 90 vendors that set up tents every day. They thrive on tourism here and they sell pretty much everything. They make all of their goods and you can always find a bargain here. The items sold here vary from tagua nut jewelry, textiles, musical instruments, dream catchers, leather goods, costumes, trays and platters, purses, clothing, spices, food and wool.

The Otavalo Market is one of the best experiences you can have in Ecuador. You can buy all that you want and you can find really great deals. What is a vacation without shopping after all?

The Mama Negra Festival is quite possibly the best kept secret in Ecuador! If you like the spirit of Mardi gras, then you will be right at home here. It takes place in the city of Latacunga and is a celebration of civic pride and cultural traditions. The story goes back to 1742 when the Cotopaxi volcano erupted and the city was spared. This festival is a celebration of that time in their history. There are parades up and down the streets, dancers, marching bands, and amazing costumes everywhere.

Wine and candy are thrown into the crowds who are watching the parades and they can even join and interact with the dancers. Local restaurants cook up their best meals and serve them all day long. You can eat anything from deep fried pork, pork rinds, and popcorn potatoes. This is one of the best festivals in the country and you will have an absolute blast!

When you decide to take a trip to Ecuador, you must check out all of the art, history, and culture there. There is so much to see and so much to do that it will be hard to go back home. This country is so proud of their roots and their history and they love to tell you stories about their ancestors. You will learn so much from them, the museums, and the festivals that you can come home and share this knowledge with all of your friends and family.